Corral Men's Distressed Black Boots with Gold Wings and Silver Crosses

  • Item #: 499-WES-A1962
  • Corral Style #: A1962
Original Price: $257.00
Sale Price: $248.00
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  • Handcrafted Item- May Affect Availability
  • 13" Tube height
  • Distressed black goat skin
  • Gold tone leather inlay
  • Silver tone leather inlay cross detail
  • Handcrafted leather upper, heel, lining, and sole
Are you in need of a new pair of cowboy boots? This pair features a distressed black goat skin all over, silver tone leather inlay cross detail, gold tone leather inlay and stitch angel wings. Stitching, abrasions, and scarring on leather to add the vintage cowboy boot character that every man loves in his favorite pair of cowboy boots. The upper, lining, heel and sole are all handcrafted so that no other two boots will ever be the same. If you are a fan of boots made by Corral you won't regret adding this boot to your collection of cowboy boots.
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