Dakota Grizzly

Dakota Grizzly pays homage to rich American Heritage. The traditional outdoor and work wear worn by our forefathers have been reworked and reimagined with great fabrics and modern touches but keeping these items practical, hardworking, easy to wear, and denim friendly, thus making Dakota Grizzly the perfect collection to fit your lifestyle. The Company founders have taken inspiration for this line from their grandfather, Vern Rathburn. A man whom to them was symbolic of a real American Adventurer. Although in 1940 he created canvas bags and tents for the US Army in his upstate New York factory, he was still an avid outdoorsman, hiking and camping all across the North East and parts of Canada. Unfortunately the type of clothing being offered to Adventurers then and now while rugged is not comfortable, especially by today’s standards. Therefore as adventurers themselves they eagerly sot to correct this. The idea was to “provide quality, comfort, and function that can be worn any time, any place and any way with no compromises” and in 2005 Dakota Grizzly became a reality. With a focus on heritage and with over 70 years of manufacturing in their blood, it’s no wonder why these guys are so great at what they do.
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