Justin Original Workboots

Justin Original Workboots offer great value and durability. By offering a wide selection of designs and styles, Justin makes it easy to find a boot that if perfect for your job's needs and for your feet. Pull-On work boots and Lace-up work boots are available in both steel toe and non-steel toe. Different heights also help you get the right support and protection you need. Justin's lace-up work boots come in a variety of colors from Aged Bark, to Copper Caprice, to Rugged Tan. With many safety options, like electrical hazard, waterproofing and steel toe features, you can work with piece of mind knowing your feet are well protected no matter what challenges come up on the job. In the pull-on line up, Justin has made both traditionally styles work boots and western work boots. With many of the same safety features as the lace-up, the pull-ons offer a different look and added security of no laces. Justin's latest work boot technology assures long lasting comfort and performance from all of their work boots. And don't forget the socks! Often overlooked, but just as important is what you put on your feet before you put on your boots. Justin workboot socks provide extra comfort and ruggedness and should always be the choice over traditional athletic socks for anyone who plans on putting their feet to the test every day. For extra comfort, we also have Double Comfort insoles.
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