John Deere Boots

Langstonís offers you a large selection of John Deere boots for men, fit for any job. Our collection of John Deere Minerís boots all feature steel safety toes to prevent accidental stubs in dark places or on uneven ground. They are all insulated with 400 grams of Thinsulateô Ultra Insulation and are completely waterproof to ensure your feet are always comfortable and dry. We offer Minerís boot heights that range from a lower, 9Ē boot to a full hip boot for wading in shallow waters. For all your other jobs, menís John Deere boots have styles like the classic waterproof wellingtons with and without safety toes. They are made from water resistant leather and feature a thick outsole with traction to help prevent slipping. For a classic work boot and everyday wear, the John Deere Tractor series 6Ē lace-up boots are the ideal footwear. The nylon lining wicks sweat from your foot, allowing you comfort for the entire day.
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