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Women are always on the search for that perfect pair of jeans. Langston’s wants to help you in your quest to find them, which is why we offer so many brands to choose from. We know ladies like to have options so we’ve selected some of the finest manufacturers that carry different options at a range of price points. We feature Adiktd®, Ariat, Aura from Wrangler®, Cruel Girl®, Levi’s®, Lucky Brand Jeans, Petrol®, Rock and Roll Cowgirl Jeans, Rockies®, Stetson and Wrangler®. Depending on your style we have jeans that are more classic and traditional that are excellent for every cowgirl. If you like a little more flash in your fashion, we have denim with exquisite details that still remain at the heart of western fashion. Rhinestone-patched pockets, edgy motifs and comfortable fits combine to create pieces of clothing that are durable and tough as well as trendy and modern.
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