Cripple Creek

The name “Cripple Creek" name has become synonymous with the western lifestyle. The parent company Sidran is based out of Denver, Colorado and has been producing its own product since 1939, becoming the leading producer of slacks, sportcoats and suited items in the western industry. By the late 1980's, Sidran decided to branch out a little further and started producing Western-styled arena jackets, this idea took off and in fall of 1994 “Cripple Creek" was born. “Cripple Creek" was destined to be a line of high quality arena jackets, leather vests and other western styled leatherwear. And like the town after which it was named, the “Cripple Creek" line struck gold. Since the birth of the “Cripple Creek" brand they have produced numerous quality leatherwear items for the western lifestyle customer. These luxurious leather items, brandish beautiful embroidery, studwork, and rhinestone accents and have been requested by many of the top Western organizations and thousands of eager customers across the country. Due to the great success they have had, Sidran has since added even more collections under the “Cripple Creek" brand including a “Ranchwear" collection which are created with the hardworking cowboy in mind and “Relentless" collection designed by All-Around World Champion Trevor Brazile.