If you’re looking for a moccasin that will bring you the most wear for your money, then Minnetonka moccasins are the shoe for you. All of their moccasins are made from the finest leathers and constructed to withstand tough wear. The bottoms of the moccasins are made with a wide nub pattern to prevent rapid deterioration and thinning on the sole. The Driving Mocs are made with an extended sole that has an additional rubber nub on the heel to prevent wear on the heel when driving. Minnetonka slippers for men are great for around the house and for light outdoor use. They have a fleece-lined interior for soft, warm insulation. They are made with a rubber sole with an exterior that is completely suede. Whether you are purchasing these moccasins for yourself or as a gift, you can buy with confidence knowing the quality and comfort that comes with Minnetonka moccasins.