Quality men's shirts and sweaters are hard to come by, which is why Langston's is happy to supply a selection of men's shirts and sweaters from Pendleton Woolen Mills at low prices. Men's Pendleton shirts are perfect as work shirts, but can also be paired with dress pants and worn out to dinner. Our selection of Pendleton shirts includes 100 percent cotton tops that are soft and cool enough to wear during both warm and cooler months, while our long sleeve 100 percent merino wool versions will keep you toasty when colder weather hits.

At first glance, you may think you are just looking at any ordinary button down shirt. But when that shirt carries the Pendleton label, you can be assured that there's nothing ordinary about the shirt you put on your back. You'll feel it the moment you wear it. In addition to the quality 100 percent cotton and wool fabrics used in the construction of each shirt, you will find upscale details throughout. Such details include superior tailoring down to the last stitch, a refined fit and a smooth lining that feels supple against the skin. Each shirt is made with the same superior craftsmanship as the very first one made in 1924, by Clarence Morton Bishop, a young weaver. He had the idea of using the same successful weaving technique the Pendleton company had been using for years to create their colorful blankets, to make shirts. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Pair a Pendleton shirt with our jeans and a Pendleton sweater, and you have the perfect outfit for a brisk day! If you're going to work outside or just hanging out by the fire, these shirts and sweaters are the perfect fall and winter clothing. Their exceptional fit makes them not too tight and not too loose - perfect for all! We carry Men's Pendleton shirts in traditional, muted colors for those that like a more classic look and brighter colors for men that like to stand out in a crowd. Depending on your preference, we also have snap front western shirts as well as button downs. Pendleton sweaters feature unique classic designs that are great for a casual Sunday at the ranch or night out with your favorite lady.