How to find the Perfect Length for your Cowboy Boots

With so many different cowboy boot heights available today, your boot shopping may come to a standstill when you try to choose the perfect pair. While very tall, ornately decorative cowboy boots look dramatic and stylish, a shorter pair of ankle boots has a comfortable, go-anywhere fit that's hard to pass up. While it's nice to have options, it makes things quite difficult when it comes to choosing the right boots for you.

A Few Things to Consider

Luckily, there are a few smart things that you should consider when deciding how to wear short boots, mid-calf boots or high boots. First, where will you wear them most? To work, or out with friends? If these are going to be used as practical riding or working boots, it might be smart to choose a higher pair. You'll also want to consider which style would be most flattering on you. If you're short, a tall pair of boots may overwhelm you and cause your legs to look stumpy.  Always consider the fit of the boot just as much as the style. Best of all, if you choose the wrong pair, Langston's has a free, no-hassle return policy that makes it easy to trade them in for a different pair when buying online.

Use this complete list of all of the different boot styles in order to make an informed decision about which pair is best for you.

Boot Styles


These are some of the trendiest boots available today, and while they aren't exactly made for long days in the saddle (or even in the barn, for that matter), they do make cute and casual ways to add some Western flair to any outfit. If you're wondering how to wear short boots, keep in mind that these ankle-high booties are incredibly versatile and look perfect with everything from cropped denim to your favorite sundress.


If you love the look of short boots but you still want to keep your ankles covered, a pair of calf-high boots is a great choice. These types of short boots come in classic cowboy boot styles with shorter heights, leather fashion boot styles with belts and other accessories and even in the form of moto boots for a tough look and comfortable fit. Just keep in mind that this mid-range height can cut off your legs at the middle, so they aren't the best options for anyone with short legs.


Everyone loves the classic look of a good, old-fashioned cowboy boot, and with that look comes a bit of extra height. Most cowboy boots extend anywhere from the top of your calf all the way up to the knee, but some modern styles even extend slightly over the knee for a dramatic, fashionable look. These types of tall boots often have higher heels to help balance them out, and they're flattering on just about anyone as long as you choose the proper size. Try brands like Ariat, Corral and Justin for the very best styles in knee-high winter boots and riding boots.