Men's Levi's® Jeans

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Levi's ® Men's 517 ® Boot Cut Jeans - Indigo Flex
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Men's Levi's® Jeans

No man's wardrobe is complete without an honest, all-American pair of Levi's® jeans. This time-honored classic is an essential staple in any closet. No matter what style of jeans you prefer, we have the perfect pair for you. From the original 501® to the boot cut 517®, Langston's has an outstanding selection of Levi's®. We have several different fits, washes, cuts and styles. They're also available in shrink-to-fit as well as preshrunk fabric so that you can choose exactly how customizable you want your new pair of jeans to be.

Ever since Levi's® invented the blue jean in 1873, they've been working to uphold a higher standard for their product. They create stylish and functional pieces that are expertly crafted from only the best cloth. This dedication to quality is what makes Levi's jeans some of the top selling products available in the Langston's online store. When you buy your jeans from Langston's you're not only getting a great product, you're getting amazing prices and great customer service.

Shop the wide selection of Levi's® jeans from Langston's and choose from a variety of different fits to suit every body type and style preference. You'll find classic, regular, slim, athletic, relaxed and loose fits to pick from. There are cuts with classic straight legs such as the legendary 501® as well as the 505®, 514®, 541®, 559® and the 569®. If you prefer a boot cut to suit your cowboy western style, go with the 517® or the 527®. Go with a tapered leg if you aren't interested in wearing your jeans over your boots and would prefer a more streamlined look. Tapered leg styles include the 511®, 550® and the 560®. The 510® is also an option for anyone who prefers a skinny jean.

Levi's® jeans from Langston's are also available in a variety of different washes. There are ultra-dark washes such as indigo, stonewashes in dark, medium and authentic, a variety of light washes and everything in between. There are also nontraditional colors available such as black, white and charcoal. Whether you plan on wearing them for work or play, you'll look great in whichever pair of Levi's® you choose.